Last week we packed up and headed West again for a camping trip. We have had our hearts set on Caprock Canyon near Amarillo for quite some time and decided now was the time before it got too hot to enjoy. You drive and drive through flat oil land and all of the sudden in Quitaque, Texas, you arrive at the foot of the most beautiful caprocks. The rocks are red and tall and have veins of white glimmering stones called gypsum which are minerals that formed when ancient seawater dried up. The Park hosts the Texas bison herd, which were preserved by Charles Goodnight and his wife after many of them were slaughtered by the Paleo-Indians, and the herd now is the offspring from that original herd. It was a beautiful place full of long morning hikes and slow sunsets. David got to see his first rattlesnake and the pups had their eyes on their first prairie dogs!