A snow storm hit Dallas last week and we had had enough and needed to desperately get out of town and restore our spirits. We loaded up the car, threw the dogs in and our two friends followed behind. It wasn't the smartest decision to take a road trip in the middle of a snow storm but once we got on the road we were committed. We did some serious black ice white knuckle driving, passing cars who had slid off the road and really started to think that we were actually crazy for thinking this was a good idea. We finally started into West Texas and the sun poked it's head out and the mountains and desert started to show itself. West Texas is a sacred place, we have been through quite a lot in 2015 and we would not be bringing any of that into the mountains with us. We set up camp at Davis Mountain State Park and built a fire and praised the stars at the top of the Skyline Drive. We huddled in our tents while the temperature dropped below freezing the first night and the coyotes howled. The next morning was David's birthday so we hiked the Indian Lodge Trail and then drove into Marfa, Alpine and Valentine and explored the tiny towns. We made a big pot of chili, David blew out his candles, made smores and drank Big Bend Brewery beers. As we were leaving, we stopped at Balmorhea State Park and David took a dip in the spring-fed pool that is always 72 degrees. The San Solomon Springs pushes into the pool and you can swim with a million little fish and jump off the diving board. It was 34 degrees and we had the place to ourselves. On our long drive back we stopped at Monahan Sandhill State Park and no one was there either, so we let the dogs off the leash and I have never seen my old pup, Charlie run so fast. They were both sliding down the dunes and stretching their legs which was nice because they slept the whole way back to our little home in East Dallas.