I just spent the last bit of 2014 with the flu, I've never been that sick before and now that I have risen from the grave, I can finally get back to life and it just feels so good to be outta bed! 

I got around to looking at some photos from the Stoker Ranch. I've spent a lot of time on my Grandparent's Ranch, including my childhood summers chasing grasshoppers, shooting cans, splitting a Coca-cola with my great-papa, swimming in the tanks and fishing with my brothers. There is something really special about being in the country and there is something really special about watching the next generation of ranch kids experiencing country life. My niece is obsessed with the cows at the ranch and her and my Papa thought they could sneak away and go see them. Luckily, I busted them and hopped in the truck to tag along because it used to be Papa and I sneaking away to see the cows.